Friday, June 6, 2008

Summer Hair Care

Well, I don't know about you, but where I am, summer seems to be running late! It's raining, it's cold and I want the sunshine!!

One thing I love about summer is how my hair seems to glisten in the sun, multi faceted shades of auburn and strawberry blond. However, I find as I get older, and wiser, I worry about the damaging effects the sun has not only on my fair skin, but on my hair as well. The sun is really no different then a blow dryer or hair straightener, and although most of us tend to use hair styling tools less in the summer weather, the sun itself can still cause damage to our tresses.

I found some great products to help save our hair from the heat and damaging sun rays and wanted to pass them along to you! (after all this is the reason I am here, to share my knowledge ;)

Frederick Fekkai Summer Hair - Protect your hair while getting great style! With a great line including Hydrating Gelee and Beach Waves Heat Activated Conditioner, there is a product for your hair type.

Redken Sun Protection -
This popular line of Hair Care Products has you covered for the Summer Weather with Shampoos, Conditioners and Leave-in Treatments. I love the Protective Oil Leave in Smoother with gold mica particles for a high-shine and super sleek finish.

So remember, along with your Summer Hair Style, be sure to protect your hair from the damaging rays to keep your hair healthy and looking it's best!


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