Friday, November 21, 2008

Choosing a Professional Hair Straightening Iron

When it comes to straightening your hair the type of hair iron you use will make a major difference in not only the results but the amount of damage you are risking with a heated styling tool.

Your best choice is always a professional hair straightener as these are made to provide you with professional results but will also feature the benefits you want in a hair iron. You want to try and find a hair straightening iron that features as many of these benefits, if not all of them, to assure that you are getting the safest results possible.

These features include plates with true ceramic or titanium hair irons. You want to stay away from painted plates as these types of plates just peel and chip with frequent use which can cause damage to your hair by pulling and snagging.

Negative Ions are a major benefit to your hair as they work to seal in your hairs natural moisture protecting your hair as well as close the cuticle layer leaving your hair smooth and soft looking. Negative ions work to reduce frizz and static as well as repel the effects humidity can cause on hair.

Another important feature to look for is Infrared Heat. Infrared Heat works to heat the hair from the inside out, reducing the risk of damage to the outer cuticle. Infrared heat produces quicker and longer lasting results as well as shinier, silkier hair.

An iron with temperature control is a great choice as it allows you to set the temperature that best suits your hair type. If you have fine, thin or damaged hair you won’t want to use an iron on its highest setting as this can only harm your already fragile hair.

Other great features to consider include flash quick heating and a longer swivel cord for easier styling.

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