Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2009 Grammy Hairstyles and Make Up

Not sure if some of the hot 2009 Hairstyles or makeup looks you saw at the 2009 Grammy Awards are meant for you? Why not try them on before you go and pay for a new hairstyle or spend unnecessary amounts of cash on new makeup you may never use?

Daily Makeover is an awesome website I came across where you can try thousands of hairstyles, makeup colors & accessories on your own photo! Not only is it a ton of fun but it can save you from some scary hairstyle and makeup mishaps!

They also have the latest makeup and hairstyles from the 2009 Grammy Awards for you to try on! Try on celebrity hairstyles such as Miley Cyrus, Leona Lewis and Estelle.

So be sure to check out DailyMakeover and start trying on some of the most popular hairstyles and makeup trends for 2009!

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The Guy's Perspective said...

Hey Erin,
That does sound fun. I'll let my wife know.
These days I'm buzzing my hair, but it might even be fun for me!
Enjoyed looking over your site.
And your design is the BOMB!
Bring Back Pluto