Monday, December 20, 2010

2011 Hairstyle Trends - Short and Sweet

Not every girl is willing to go short, after all, short hair is not for everyone but with some super cute and sassy short hairstyles this 2011, you may just be tempted to take it all off!

Short hairstyles can be pretty low maintenance with the right cut. If you decide to go short be sure to get your stylist to help design a cut based on your face shape and natural hair texture for the best results.

Should you dare...keep your short hairstyle trendy with bold color or by playing with texture. Straight, wavy or curly short hairstyles are all hot this 2011 and with the right hairstyling products and hairstyling tools like a flat iron, you can create any style you wish! Check out these popular 2011 short hairstyles for some inspiration.

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