Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to Choose Professional Hair Dryer

A Hair Dryer is one hairstyling tool that you probably find yourself using quite a bit and this is why the hair dryer you choose is very important. A blow dryer can be harsh on your hair as it is using quite a high heat however; certain features on your dryer can make a major difference on your hairs health as well as the overall styling results.

Most hair dryers on the market these days come with heat and speed settings as well as a cool shot button. All of these options are important and I recommend you look for a dryer that features them all. Being able to choose the temperature setting is important as you do not want to damage hair by using too high of a heat. As for the speed control, being able to reduce the air flow is great for when you need more control when styling hair. The cool shot button works to set and smooth your style as well as allow you to check if your hair is completely dry.

A blow dryer with a ceramic heater provides an even heat distribution for healthier, safer styling as well as it helps to prevent burning your hair. Ceramic is also known to smooth the hair for frizz free results. Another must have feature on a blow dryer is tourmaline. Tourmaline helps to produce more negative ions which in return speeds up drying process while providing shinier, healthier results.

One of the most important features you want to consider when buying a hair dryer, especially for salon use, is wattage. The higher the wattage the more power your hair dryer will have. Look for a hair dryer with a minimum of 1800 watts. A higher wattage combined with certain features such as ceramic heating and tourmaline will also provide a faster drying time.

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