Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Straightening Damaged Hair

If you have damaged or over processed hair but must use a flat iron to style your hair it is important that you follow some simple steps to help prevent further damage to your hair. Of course, not using heated styling tools is your best option but as we all know, sometimes we just don't have that choice.

When choosing a flat iron for damaged hair be sure that it has a temperature selection on it. You want to use the lowest heat setting possible when straightening your hair. A professional flat iron is also your best bet as these flat irons will feature benefits such as ceramic and ionic technology and tourmaline, all of which help aid in healthier styling. Always avoid coated or painted plates as these will eventually peel and chip with use in return pulling, snagging and breaking hair.

Before using a flat iron on damaged hair it is a must that you use a heat protectant first. Apply this to damp hair and work from roots to tips. Between hairstyling using shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments for damaged hair will also help keep hair stronger and nourished.

When straightening your hair avoid running the plates of your hairstyling iron over a section of hair repeatedly as doing so causes more damage. It will be safer to use a higher heat and go over a section of hair once than using a lower heat and going over the section of hair again and again. Get frequent trims and avoid using heated styling tools and chemicals on your hair as often as possible until your hair is back to a healthy state. Once your hair has grown out and is once again healthy be sure to keep it that way by continuing to take care of it during styling!

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