Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer Hairstyles

Ok, can you tell I love summer? Not only is it my favorite time of year, but for some reason I always find my hair looks its best during the summer. I love the styles this year and wanted to share with you some of the hottest hairstyles for Summer!

Summer Up-Do - An up-do is a simple and great hairstyle for summer. A messy bun, an elegant twist or a ponytail can all provide great looks for any summer occasion.

The Braid -
Weather it's a french braid, two braids or just one low side braid, this look is perfect for summer as it keeps hair out of your face and the style is simple yet extremely feminine! With so many different ways to braid your hair the looks are endless!

Beach Waves - This is a classic summer hairstyle that I don't believe will ever go out of style. It's sexy, pretty and extremely feminine! Easy to achieve, apply a little gel to hair,french braid your hair for the day and then let it down in the evening and viola you have sexy waves!

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