Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hairstyles for Men

Well, I can't leave out the men and the hottest hairstyles for men this year! Here are some of the trendy men's hairstyles for 2008.

The Faux Hawk - This is probably my favorite look this year. the combination of punk and messy style is a bold yet sexy look perfect for the more daring, stylish man.

Short & Messy - simple and easy to maintain with a little gel, this look is still popular among men of all ages.

The Buzz Cut-
This look is maintenance free although it is not for any man, it can be pretty stunning on the right face.

The Rugged Style -
This look requires a little more maintenance, yet you cannot really go wrong during styling as it is meant to be messy and a little unkept looking. One of the hottest styles out there right now and with the right cut it can look great on any man.

African American Men's Hairstyles - Because African Americans hair is much different, the hairstyles are much different as well. This doesn't mean there is any less style options. Here are some popular African American mens hairstyles for 2008.

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