Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hair Care for Dry, Damaged Hair

Winter can wreak havoc on your hair and although it's starting to get warmer out, then comes summer, and another season that can cause dry, damaged hair!

Well, no worries, as I can share with you one of the best products in hair care for dry, damaged hair. I have been using this product for over a year now and can NOT live without it! Even my stylist cannot believe how great my hair looks considering how much product I use as well as my constant use of heated styling tools.

Now, the line I use has a few different products to choose from, any I can also tell you, from experience, using all of them or just one of them will make a difference in your hair. So, here it is -

The product is ISH Rescue Ionic Pro Treatment and it is simply amazing how well this stuff works. Now, here are the products you can choose from -

Ionic Shampoo
Ionic One Minute Treatment
Ionic Rescue Pro Treatment

I personally use the ISH Ionic Shampoo and One minute treatment once per week and the ISH Ionic Rescue Pro Treatment once per month. However, if you do not use heated styling tools on a regular basis or other treatments such as coloring and perming that can damage hair, the use of these products can be spaced out.

Check out my video review on ISH Ionic Rescue Pro Treatment -

Healthy Hair! ISH Ionic Rescue Pro Treatment Review Damaged Hair Care

Get more more info and 15% off on ISH Ionic Recue Pro Treatment by clicking the coupon below and using the code!

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