Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to Choose A Cosmetology School

I wanted to share a few pots from a great blog over at Giell Beauty Blog in regards to becoming a Cosmetologist.
Choosing a Cosmetology School

When it comes to taking a cosmetology course you will find you usually have a choice between a Cosmetology school and a technical college. Knowing how to choose a cosmetology school is important, so here we point out what you should look for when choosing a cosmetology school.

- what exactly does the course cover?

- how in-depth is the course

- is there a student salon for hands on practice and exams etc...

- does the school provide up-to-date technology and equipment

- do you practice your beauty skills on mannequin heads or real models

- do they offer financial aid such as scholarships, grants, loans and payment plans

- do they offer flexible class schedules, and part-time or full-time schooling

- do they assist in job placement

- are they an accredited school?

Another great way to get information on beauty schools and to help you with choosing a cosmetology school is to visit local salons and ask for recommendations and/or advice on schools in your area.

Written by Erin @ Giell Beauty Supply

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